Collection: Decorative Skull

Add a touch of surprise and spice up your home decor with these Decorative Skulls that can turn any of your rooms into a real death dungeon! Yours won't wait forever young Goth, it's for today.


With the help of our Resin Decorating Skulls, impress your guests and rediscover your home by adding a touch of craziness with these out of the ordinary decorating elements. It is obvious that they will completely change the atmosphere of the room in which they are located and that is exactly what we want. If you want to go big, you can perfectly have several of them next to each other! 

Choosing one of them and displaying it in your home is the most beautiful way to combine decorating and spirituality. They are absolutely out of this world decorating elements. Do you automatically see a decorative skull when you go to someone's house? It's very rare indeed. And for good reason: only free spirits, rebels and enterprising people take the step to choose their own. And if you're here, it's because you're one of them...


Why you should in turn choose a skull and crossbones decoration? Here are some qualities of them that should make you take the plunge if you are still hesitating...

- These are elements that are not often found in society. People sometimes have a wrong approach to human skulls (because of lack of culture). This allows you to live as you have wished: different from the mass.

- They are beautiful... The artistic side of some of the decorative skulls offered in this collection is simply magnificent. We love the more colorful ones or the gold colored skulls. But it's up to you to make your choice!

- They will come to give a spiritual dimension to your life. Indeed, the skulls, whatever they are, remind us of our small dimension of living in this world. We are all brought to leave this world, and to live its life to 100% is exactly the message they send us.


Many of our designs are invited to be placed on a desk, living room cabinet or even in a shelf with glass doors. But our hearts greatly swing towards our wall decorations!

Our animal skulls are the unanimous choice of the community we form. A decorative buffalo skull is perfect to add a wild touch to your home decor. The horns of this one will help you to defeat your most formidable enemies and protect you from evil spirits.

In a completely different style, but still with skulls in the spotlight in your decoration, discover our skull canvas.