Collection: Skull Necklaces

Real fan of skulls? Don't worry, we've got just the thing for you young follower! Check out our Skull Necklaces, with different styles to make sure you can find what you want! It's the assurance of a self-respecting biker style.


We've prepared a very large collection of necklaces for you to choose from. You will easily find all the models you are looking for. We have classified them into several categories so that you can easily find them.
Each of these categories is full of nuggets! It's up to you to discover them all and choose the jewelry you like best. We highly recommend the ones representing the grim reaper, they are the most appreciated by the members of our community. It's up to you to decide if you want to join our ranks 😉


Our Mexican skull necklaces are perfect to make you stand out from the crowd. These heads are often colorful and will brighten up your bad boy look. They are often displayed as pendants at the end of a chain and offer you the strength of your ancestors watching you from above.


Skulls have been gaining popularity for many years and especially in the hearts of women. Indeed, the conventional wisdom that skulls are only for the bullies of this world is over. We find granddaughters wearing skull t-shirts as well as jewelry and this is the case for necklaces. So now it's your turn to join the ranks of those with a higher than average spiritual awareness. 🙏


Distinguished bikers, misunderstood goths, rebellious punks and all rock and metal music fanatics have a field day flaunting our skull necklaces. No one will mess with you if you wear the right piece of jewelry. And all skull lovers understand this! You can follow the trend by choosing one of our jewelry pieces for men.


Let's face it, the way people look at you will be different when you wear these necklaces. It is obvious that you are a different person, enterprising, and especially: who does not accept the codes of the society. You make your own way and your life is only made of what you want. That's exactly why you get judged, and you're proud of it!

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