About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring together free spirits who are aware of the value of life and who want live to the fullest.

To do this, we have created this shop entirely dedicated to the strong symbol of the skull.

Our products are all about the pursuit of freedom and action in our modern society.

We work for a world in which everyone sets their own limits, where everyone assumes their choices without fear and in which it is finally possible to feel fully existing.


Memento Mori

From Latin, this phrase means "remember that you are going to die". It expresses acceptance of our destiny and reflects a certain humility in the face of life's trials.

These few words perfectly represent the state of mind of our brand which is reflected in each of the products in the store.

Carefully Selected Suppliers

We want to offer the highest quality skull products in the store.

This is why we work exclusively with craftsmen recognized for their expertise and the finesse of their work.

With us, no compromise: high standards prevail and only favorite products are selected on Skull Factories.